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Services from Gardening with Bec include garden design, installation and maintenance via use of landscaping equipment, chemical application, watering and irrigation installation and green waste removal.

Consult and Design 

$75* per hour
During a consult 1-2hrs will be spent onsite with the client plus another 2-4hrs externally. An initial visit will cost up to $450 which will include a complete garden plan package including an estimate on material cost. 


Garden Installation and Maintenance

$125* per hour - includes labour for two people
*rates are exclusive of GST

Tip fees
For removal of garden vegetation that cannot fit the the green bins provided by the property, it will be taken to the tip at a cost of $125* per load. 

*rates are exclusive of GST

To view a copy of Gardening with Bec's public liability insurance please click here.

Responsibilities of Gardening with Bec

Rebecca Cogan agrees to:

  • perform the services within the timeframes and budgets as notified by me to you; 

  • not commit any act or omission, directly or indirectly, which may bring me into breach of any Law, the subject of any Liability, or into disrepute;

  • discern from the client where any underground pipes and cables are laid out;

  • advise prior to work commencement rates of pay

Gardening with Bec

Service Agreement & Client Information

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Liability The client will agree to accept liability for damages associated with work undertaken if sufficient effort is not made to advise Bec and team with any areas on the property that need extra care and attention, eg. underground pipes and cables. Rates Charged Hourly rates stated above or by Bec in correspondance are all exclusive of GST. At the time of invoice you will see GST noted with the total sum. All materials quoted will be inclusive of GST. Payment Conditions Payment for services redered will be due within 7 days of receiving the invoice unless otherwise stated.

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